When buying a car, everyone wants the best deal they can get. It’s human nature, really. But, dealerships can be tricky. Tiny fine print fines could quickly turn what, at first, may seem like a “dream-come-true” price into the price of your nightmares. So, you might be asking, what could you do to find your dream car at the best price. Here’s our suggestions on finding the best car for the best price.

1. Know What You Want

A timeless mistake that dealerships love is when buyers have no clue what they want. This leaves you susceptible to higher prices, fees, and countless other tricks, none of which benefit you. So, ask yourself a few questions like “What body style do I want?”, “How many people do I want to fit?”, etc so you can walk into the dealership confidently and can leave with the vehicle that’s meant for you.

2.Make sure it fits

While knowing what car you want is one thing, knowing the car you need is another subject. Sure, that expensive sports car sounds exactly what you want. But, it might not be the most practical. Your new vehicle has to match your needs. Is it roomy enough? Does it have a practical gas mileage? Can you afford it? Is it right for your day to day life, essentially. So, before you make any rash decisions on that new Tesla, maybe check out that nice Accord you’ve had your eye on for a minute.

3. Make a List
When it feels like it’s right for you, just to be sure, make a pros and cons list to clear your conscience just a bit more. The list will allow you to make sure you don’t feel more negatively about the cons than you do positively about the pros and really establish if this is the vehicle for you.

4. Start scouring
Once you have your mind straight and your heart set, it’s time to start looking. Doing a little research on the general price range will give you a good idea on just how much the vehicle is worth. But, I will say this, don’t be fooled by an extremely low price. If it feels suspicious, it probably is. But, with that said, don’t be too mistrustful, you might just miss out on a great deal.