Basic Tips for Inexperienced Buyers

The task of negotiating the price of the car is easy only for the natural-born hagglers among us. If you are not, the task can be a bit difficult for you. But, it is worthwhile to keep in mind that difficulty appears to be an impossibility, but it’s not. There are a few tricks and techniques that might assist in negotiating the price of the car. Let’s get started:

Tips for negotiating the car price

If you have already made up your mind to get your dream car, it is essential to make a fair deal of it. However, if you are unaware of the tricks of bargaining with dealerships, check the below mentioned strategies for better insight.  


  • Investigate the market price of the car


Purchasing a car needs a lot of homework done on your part. Fortunately, many manufacturers give you a lot of research resources so you can make a more informed decision. After deciding which car you want, check all its market history first via CarFax. Find out its least and average pricing at other car lots. Once you estimate the minimal price of the car, you can show up with your deal to the seller. This gives you a firm justification for your negotiated price, but expect a counter-offer for sure.


  • Negotiate the price of each transaction process 


While estimating the price of the car, sellers try to make you focus on the entire transaction process. Do not fall into the trap. It is because; apart from the car price, the car transaction includes several other charges. Those charges include financing, trade-in value, add-on purchase, transportation fees, etc. Hence, it is better to negotiate each transaction process to make a fair deal.

If you are opting to pay the expense in installments, the sellers may allow you to pay less each month by extending the period. It may appear economical in the first place to go with this option. But, if you estimate the overall price, you will find that you have to pay extra in interest over time. Make sure to not to agree with the first options you’re presented, and stick by the aspect of negotiating the car price in each transaction process.    


  • Price shop with several sellers


It is the most common way of negotiating the price of the car or any other product. Once you have chosen the car model, start finding the price from several sellers. You will not face any trouble finding the same product in your set price range on another lot.  

After that, use them as your weapon to negotiate the price with the first dealership. Make sure to reveal the price so the seller knows you are shopping around and hoping for a price match.

When you do this, it creates competition among the sellers. Consequently, the seller enables you to take ownership in a more reasonable price range. This simple trick has worked well for many buyers. You can try it out to get some favorable discounts most of the time.


  • Keep the proof of the negotiable price


  When you negotiate the price of the car from different sellers, try to do it over chat or email. When you do that, you get a written consideration from the dealers. Hence, they cannot take back their words. Moreover, it will assist you to show the deal price to other sellers while price shopping as a poof. And of course, there’s the added benefit of saving you time and gas!

Negotiating Pre-Owned

In the case of purchasing a pre-owned car, make a note of its imperfections. After that, negotiate its pricing for a better deal. Dealerships go through a lot of trouble to fix minor issues before adding a pre-owned vehicle to their showroom, but there’s almost always going to be an issue or two with the paint or interior that they missed. This is your opportunity to negotiate a better price.


Best wishes in your hunt for the perfect car!