Once I figured out how to consistently maintain my sales numbers each month, I was moving on up.

I decided it was time for a career change for sure. I was the top salesperson 3 quarters in a row and on a complete winning streak.

With my life back on track, I was ready to move to the local branded luxury dealership to sell new cars for a living. I WAS WINNING…But what I was in for was a bit of a surprise.

Learning a Brand – And how to talk shop

Selling used cars will expose you to a lot of brands. You get to test ride just about every possible make and model out there after a few years in the industry.

People want to know about the cars they are buying in a general sense, but they didn’t expect you to know every little detail for sure! After all, most of our customers are simply shopping for the most affordable payment they can find. Fuel economy isn’t such an issue and reliability rarely is either for that matter.

But our average buyer at the new dealership wanted you to know every little detail about each model on our lot.

That was one thing I didn’t have an issue with. I simply went back to the sales process that had helped me out so much in used car sales. That had me 100% focused on learning the brand and every little detail down to how the fuel economy on the C-Class compared to the entry level S-Class sedan.

Talking Shop to fill in knowledge gaps

Every now and then you’d meet the most highly informed buyers who want to know details on how each car performed and what the common maintenance issues were for our service department.

The thing is, these informed buyers often tended to be highly motivated buyers as well. When I realized that, I decided to make it a point to spend 15-20 minutes a day chatting with the guys in our service department. Again, this is my biggest opportunity to improve in the current month, so I focused all my effort and energy into learning the finer points savvy shoppers wanted to know about.

It paid off for sure as my sales numbers increased in the following months due to my increased knowledge of the brand.

An Ongoing Topic

I’m going to return to this post to fill in as much information as I can on sales tactics that are specifically geared towards new car dealerships. I’ll be adding as many new insights as I possibly can here to help you on your journey to top salesperson. Stay tuned friends…