My top 5 used car picks


Used luxury packs a lot of value for a price a lot of us can afford. The possible downside though is increased maintenance costs. If you’re okay with that risk and looking for an older model, check out this review of my top luxury sedans from 2011 – 


In this end of the luxury sedan class the competition is fierce for your hard earned automotive dollars. Admittedly, you could get a lot of the same features for a lot less money with a newer mainstream family sedan, but most of the time those cars aren’t as overtly sporting to drive as the following five models.


That isn’t to say, however, that a few of the following vehicles don’t just offer up more space, luxury and features than the competition, as is the case with Hyundai’s very appealing Genesis. I realize that is not from a luxury “brand” but once you ensconce yourself behind the leather covered dashboard you will be left with little doubt about its premium aspirations. Hyundai really should launch a separate luxury division to sell this excellent car.


Sure there are also hugely capable alternatives like the Infiniti G37, Lexus IS and Mercedes C-Class but they don’t really stand out as class leaders in any particular area. They are worthwhile choices but to my way of thinking just don’t get the blood pumping like a good luxury car should. So in that mindset here are my five choices for the top five entry level luxury sedans available in 2011.


If you are in doubt as to which luxury sedan to buy here is your short list.


2011 BMW 328i

2011 BMW i30

Easily the most effortlessly fun to drive luxury sedan on the market is hampered only by its lofty price tag and omnipresent nature in Neiman Marcus parking lots across the country. The only other qualm I have about the BMW 3-Series is the fact that Bluetooth and USB/iPod integration are both optional extras when $16,000 Hyundais come with those features as standard. But other than that you really can’t go wrong.

2011 Audi A4 2.0T

Your car’s engine may just have a 4-cylinder engine but thanks to turbocharging and direct injection performance eclipses that of even some of its six-cylinder competition. The Quattro full time all-wheel drive system is also the best in the industry making this the perfect car for the luxury seeking snow bunny.


2011 Acura TSX

With prices starting about where most top of the line family sedans max out, the 2011 Acura TSX makes for a fine affordable luxury sedan alternative. Powered by a surprisingly strong 2.4 liter 4-cylinder or a torque rich 3.5 liter V6, the 2011 Acura TSX also offers up all the luxury features you want even in base trim.


2011 Volvo S60


Whoever thought a Volvo could be so fast, fun to drive and downright sexy? Volvo’s newest sedan lives up to its “naughty” advertising hype and deserves to be a huge runaway hit. An excellent luxury sedan that is a worthwhile alternative to the usual German brands.


2011 Hyundai Genesis

Brand snobs need not apply. But if you are looking for a stylish, luxurious and well equipped premium feeling sedan then the Genesis is an excellent choice. The 3.8 liter V6 and 4.6 liter V8 engines offer up more power than rivals and the Genesis also boasts the longest warranty in its class. Truly excellent.