In 2008, my wife and I were on a mission to buy a truck. Although we did not have and continue not to have a travel trailer to pull, we desired to buy a truck that would work for our “someday.” We were also seeking enough space to comfortably fit a child car seat should we ever decide to start a family. Our search led us to buy a 2008 Toyota Tundra 4X4 CrewMax 5.7L V8 with some added options at a purchase price of $37,000 before rebates. It has been worth every penny.


Toyota Tundra CrewMax – a Half Ton Piece of Comfort


Pros and Cons


This to-the-point review excludes any input from my wife. With that said, I believe both women and men will find it helpful. To start, there are a few cons that come to mind. Although resolved now, the first year we owned our truck we had to have the stereo system replaced multiple times. Sometimes it would not turn on. Other times it would turn on, yet we could not adjust the volume. Also, the additional cup holders in the doors originally sounded like a nice feature. Unfortunately, they only accommodate large drinks if the doors are open. Lastly, any person who loves to haul things knows greater interior space means less exterior space. Yes, the truck bed is short.


Now, let me get to the pros of the truck. If you like interior space, the Toyota Tundra CrewMax has it. We do have a child now, and his car seat fits easily in the backseat. A child or a trim adult can even move behind a rear-facing child car seat if needed. There is so much room in the backseat you can move the seats forward, recline them, and still have room for adult legs! My husband’s hunting party loves to take the Tundra. In fact, it serves them well. They are able to easily pull our boat, and they have enough room for their hunting gear in the truck bed. We have also been impressed with the gas mileage. Our truck almost always performs at the high end of the estimated gas mileage when we are not pulling something or using our studded snow tires.


Overall, we loved that truck and I really miss having something that rides so high and makes you feel safe and comfortable on long roadtrips.