With the all-electric offerings from Tesla and others stealing the headlines lately, it seemed for a bit that the itsy-bitsy two door, two-passenger Smart Car (known as the “For-Two”) might get lost in the shuffle. But in the world of environmentally friendly motoring there is no such thing as too much choice and if you’re looking for Eco conscious on a budget, the Smart For-Two gets plenty of new optional choices. I recently transported a 2011 model, so I thought a review on this vehicle would make sense with all the talk of climate change lately.

Smart is now offered an “Expressions” program that allows owners to pick whatever color they want for their new For-Two. Yes, that’s right. Smart was offering total color customization for the 2011 For-Two which is quite a sea-change from the white, blue and red that are normally available.


Also new for the 2011 I drove was the addition of new seat fabrics and designs as well as standard USB/aux-input jack capability, even for the standard audio system. Music lovers can also specify their uplevel “Passion” models with surround sound speakers as well as a touchscreen navigation/AM-FM-CD-iPod/Bluetooth centralized entertainment system. It was a revolutionary move for sure giving buyers this many factory options.


Luxuries like this were not part of the initial launch but EPA estimates of 33 miles per gallon and 41 on the highway were not high enough to continue to attract buyers as the Smart’s “newness” began to wear off. What makes the Smart For-Two so special though is that it is a way of getting from point A to point B which allows you to show off your individuality all the while saving money on gas.


It’s easy to spend more on options like special colors, upgraded alloy wheels, cruise control, interior ambient lighting, leather upholstery, extra dash-top mounted gauges, fog-lamps, seat heaters, a center armrest, automatic headlamps/wipers and even electric power-steering (the car is so light that it really doesn’t need it). Still, even with the more recent models, it is rather hard to get your fully loaded Smart For-Two Passion too far over the $20,000 mark. Let’s just say that’s a whole lot easier at a Mini dealership.


The 2011 Smart For-Two was powered by a tiny 1.0 liter 3-cylinder with 70 horsepower and 68 lb. feet of torque. All For-Two models came with a five speed automated manual that has been known to be jerky in the past but Smart engineered out most of those issues before the 2011 model was released. – If you’re shopping used, definitely be sure to avoid earlier models in the same range! – It seems that 2011 might just be the year for you to buy the Smart For-Two that’s just “for you.”




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